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14 October 2011
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Guest Book

“This house is heaven on earth – Oh, how we will miss it. We loved it so much that we changed our plans to stay for one extra night. Thank you for making such a beautiful home and letting us share it – every square inch is perfection”.

“I wish I didn’t have to leave. It was perfect. The pool was great – we loved the hammocks. We want to come back as soon as possible”.

“The lavender sweep: the splash of the pool: the sun makes you smile, the shade keeps you cool; kindness of hosts, the light through the grass; food on the table, the wine in the glass; coolth of the house, the warmth of the staff; pop of a cork, the hoot of a laugh; quiet of friendships, some old and some new; noise of a party, the swallows, the view; gold checkered valley, the blue distant mountains; ant on the cobble, the burbling fountains; pointing of poplars, fragments of art; magic El Noque has entered my heart”.