A fun day exploring off road around Ronda

This is our 7th visit to the area, we always come in August and the heat is perfect for lazing by the pool doing nothing. This year the weather was unusually cool, we even saw rain while the sun shone back at home!

With three young children, we looked online at activities that would appeal to all of them and us. We read up about C more x 4 where Chris, a Belgian living in Ronda drives you round the area off road exploring in a 30-year-old Land Rover. 

Chris arrived at El Noque at 11am, the roof off and in we climbed. No seat belts, Renata came with us and her dog Chicco and off we went. Chris has lived in Ronda for over 6 years and knows the area like the back of his hand so took us to some really amazing places. We toured past olive groves and fields filled with goats, sheep and horses. Along bumpy rocky tracks and to save time some on road driving we covered a large area seeing plenty of different terrains. 

One of the highlights was driving down a narrow track where in front of us was a beautiful lake. We climbed out of the Land Rover and jumped in the water. It had a lovely green hue and the temperature was like a warm bath. We swam with Chris to the other side of the lake where the banks were made from clay. We rubbed the clay over our bodies and let it dry in the sun, apparently, the minerals are good for your skin. We rinsed the crusty clay from our skin feeling 10 years younger we swam back to the other side. 

Lunch was at a local restaurant in a very pretty village. We spotted vultures, eagles and numerous other birds. 

Chris drove us back to the villa at around 6pm, we were all tired but happy. A memorable day, remember to take swimmers, hats and a sense of adventure. Highly recommend. 

Renata can arrange for you when you stay at El Noque or more details can be found here: http://cmorex4.com/


All in and ready to go!